Career Counseling Resources

At Malcolm & Associates, we appreciate the value and significance of making sound career decisions.  But with the seemingly endless complexities of the competitive labor market, figuring out the “next step” can be a challenging and overwhelming process.  We believe realizing your career path should be an exciting time of self-discovery and personal development.  Through the career counseling resources at Malcolm & Associates, we will utilize our expertise to eliminate the stress and anxiety typically associated with a major career transition.

Are you graduating from high school and uncertain of your next move? Are you a college graduate struggling to find a job that is a good fit for your newly acquired knowledge and skills? Are you a working professional seeking a more fulfilling position in your field or a different career entirely?  Our team of highly-skilled consultants will employ their extensive knowledge of labor market conditions, employer hiring practices, job search strategies, and vocational skills analysis to develop a comprehensive individualized career plan.  Our career counseling resources and services may include, but are not limited to:

  • In-depth initial interview
  • Personality testing and assessment
  • Interest inventories
  • Transferable skills analysis
  • Development of a goal-oriented career plan
  • Professional resume/cover letter development
  • Job search assistance
  • Interview preparation
  • Vocational skills development and remediation
  • Instruction for online job search and social media practices

Don't miss out on realizing your next great career opportunity!

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